Metro Kids Soccer

A Partnership of East Sacramento, Greenhaven, Land Park, and River Park

U7/U8 Metro Kids Soccer ME

The most important rule to remember is that our top priority is providing the players with a positive experience. Ask any kid why they play soccer and you receive two answers: it is fun and I get to play with my friends. MKS is committed to maintaining a friendly, safe atmosphere at all of our games. Coaches, parents, other family members and friends all want the same thing; to give our kids a fun, memorable experience.

To accomplish that, all spectators will offer only positive, encouraging comments; NO Directives! NO telling players to run faster get the ball, shoot, etc. Moreover, positive and supportive comments shall be given to ALL players, not just those on your team. We are more than just a soccer partnership; we are a community. We will give every player an enjoyable experience.

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