• U7/8 Metro Kids Soccer shall be administered by the managers of each of the four (4) partner clubs with the assistance of their respective age group coordinators.
  • While Metro Kids Soccer partner clubs are responsible for the creation and enforcement of the policies and operating rules.


  • Field size shall be a minimum of 20x30 yards (try for at least 25x35) and maximum 30x50.
  • Fields for both U7 and U8 must be adjacent to each other with rooms for coaches, players and spectators.
  • Any open space in a park shall suffice for fields, as long as they are marked with cones or lines.
  • Bownets measuring four by six feet (4’x6’) will be used as goals and each field should have a “halo zone” in front of each bownet which is a no standing zone. Players may move through the zone to defend and shoot, but may not stand in the zone. Please refer to the playing rules for specifics.
  • The halo zone shall be rectangular in shape and consist of fifteen (15) foot lines running perpendicular to the goal line, beginning three (3) feet from both sides of the bownet, connected by a line at the top. Similar to a basketball “key”. The measurement from the top of the line to the goal line shall be no longer than fifteen (15) feet.
  • Total size of the halo zone is twelve feet by fifteen feet (12’x15’).

Duration of Game:

  • Four (4) quarters of eight (8) minutes each; with a five (5) minute break in between each quarter. If both teams are ready before five (5) minutes, play can resume. In order to keep the games on schedule, the teams will be on the field ready to play at the five (5) minute mark.
  • U7 games: time will be kept by the Field Marshal.
  • U8 games: time will be kept by the Field Marshal.
  • Games will be scheduled in one (1) hour blocks.

Seeding and Scheduling:

  • Scheduling shall be under the title of U8. U7 teams shall be seeded in the lower divisions unless their play warrants placement in a higher division.
  • Re-seeding may take place every two weeks if needed.

Playing the Game:

  • Teams will be divided into two (2) groups and play two 4v4 games simultaneously on adjacent fields.
  • Re-shuffling of players may occur during each quarter break to avoid lopsided situations.
  • If a team shows up with too few players to field a team, they may borrow players from the opposing team. NO forfeits; the focus is on playing the game and having fun.
  • Metro Kids Soccer will use Team Sideline or another program to schedule games.
  • All teams are guaranteed at least ten (10) total games, unless weather or other unforeseen circumstances dictate otherwise.
  • All games will be facilitated by a Game Monitor. Game Monitors will be provided by the home club at all of their home games. Game Monitors may be teens or adult volunteers. Teams that are playing will not have to provide Game Monitors for their own games.
  • Each quarter begins with a kick off. The kick off must be a pass to another teammate. See the playing rules for specifics.
  • After every goal (ball in the net), the game is re-started with the team that did not score kicking off in the manner described in the playing rules.
  • Failure to pass the ball with the first kick results in a change of possession. The defending team gets a throw in at mid field. However, game monitors have the discretion to offer a re-try.
  • Players may shoot and defend within the Halo Zone, but they must be moving; no standing. See the playing rules for specifics. “Violations” will result in a throw in for the other team.
  • Players may not stand just outside the halo zone.
  • All balls out of bounds on the sideline will result in a throw in for the other team from the sideline.
  • All balls out of bounds by the attacking players at the goal line will result in a “goal kick”. See playing rules for specifics.
  • All balls out of bounds by the defending team at their goal line result in a throw in for the other team along the sideline.
  • “Balls in the net” will be kept track of by a team parent or parent volunteer. Scores need to be tracked for seeding purposes, but the focus shall NOT be on the score and/or winning and losing. It is all about fun.
  • Coaches will be mindful of sportsmanship during games that become too lopsided in terms of goal scoring, and will take appropriate measures to even out the score and keep the game fun for everyone.
  • Scores will be reported to Team Sideline via email by the coach.
  • No results or standings will be posted for public viewing.
  • Re-seeding may take place every two weeks (if needed).
  • Substitutions may be done by either team on any dead ball situation.
  • Each player must play at least 50% of the game.
  • If possible, home team with their spectators will be on one side of the field and the visiting team with their spectators will be on the opposite side of the field. Field lay out may prevent this from occurring.
  • Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. Each club will enforce their code of conduct.

U7 - U8 Soccer POlicies and Operating Rules

Metro Kids Soccer

A Partnership of East Sacramento, Greenhaven, Land Park, and River Park